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Roller Coaster Suspension

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing offered the first suspended family coaster (395m) with the excitement of a true suspended coaster. This rollercoaster opened in june 2013 in Fun Spot Orlando.

As the suspended coasters to date were full-scale thrill rides, Vekoma responded quickly to the new market developments and designed a family oriented ride with an enhanced thrill. Guests experience the flying sensation with an unobstructed view downward without the inversions and speed of a full-scale suspended coaster.

Low maintenance booster drives and limited G-forces offer a reduction in maintenance on trains and track, without sacrificing excitement. Individual steering wheel bogies offer a smooth ride and improve the coaster’s durability. The innovative hydraulic ratchet system on the individual shoulder bars holds both adults and kids in a comfortable way and enhances the sense of security while extra padding on the bars and seats ensure comfort through the twists and turns during the ride. The Suspended Family Coaster appeals to a large attendance and can be the highlight ride in smaller family-themed parks or as an intermediate step between family and thrill rides in major-scale attraction parks. The ride is available in various layouts and track lengths. Two standard layouts, the 293m and the 395m, are available; while designs can be customized to meet your creative or specific needs. We offer up to 20 passengers per train producing very good capacity. The 395m version is unique in that approximately 80% of the attraction can be above guest walkways, creating bilateral engagement between guest riders and non-riding guest. The ride is fast and exciting with a curved diving drop immediately after the lift hill; followed by a camelback hill and into a large aerial figure eight portion of track before several horizontal speed loops before. These fast and large curves close to ground level complete the ride and the train is gently slowed down before it returns to the station.  A fun ride for your park, suitable for the entire family.

The development of the suspension for this rollercoaster is in close cooperation with Vekoma. High quality standards and a lot of testing.

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