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Buell S1/S3/M2/X1 (Bikes)

Manufacturer: AST Suspension
AST Motorbike Suspension for the S1/S3/M2/X1 , 3-way adjustable. AST also develops high end shock absorbers for motorcycles and ATV’s. These dampers are a monotube design with high end materials like 7075 aluminium. We are specialized in Buell and Harley Davidson rear dampers.

  • Description
AST Suspension developed the reverse shocks for the Buell Tubeframemodells, like S1, M2, S3 and X1 .
Both length are available for the early and later models,
We supply ridersneed setted shocks with the right setup and spring.
The AST Suspension Buell  S1/S3/M2/X1 dampers are 3way adjustable.
Benefits include:
Monotube design - gives the biggest piston sizes available
• Floating piston design with high pressure nitrogen means no cavitation around the piston
• low friction seal on all AST dampers
Rebuildable get the valving you want, when you want it.
• Exact setting for rider weight
Optional DLC (Diamond-like carbon) coated shaft , coating is engineered for very highly loaded components.
• DLC combines a high load carrying capacity and fatigue resistance with a high wear resistance and still exhibits very low friction properties.
• Optional different spring colours

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